New Organ Building

Drawing future from tradition

New organ building

From the experience of a long Saxon-Central German organ building culture, proven and conventional parts form a foundation for trend-setting inovations for our new organ buildings. The expressive tone colour of English, American and French symphonic enrich  and inspire our instruments just like the German baroque and romantic styles.

Our organs are living artworks in which tonal, architectonic and technical aspects are combined to a harmonic big picture and are uniquely inserted into the space. From planning to completion, constructive cooperation and coordination of many individual subsections down to the smallest detail are indispensable. A creative process constantly accompanies our solid craftsmanship.

Our organ buildings start from the traditional slider chests with mechanical tracker actions perfected over centuries, which are combined with proven techniques, according to individual planning and adjustment, such as electric or dual stop jambs, adjustable combination systems under own development, electronic key action, bypass systems for historical organs and wind systems for different types of bellows come to use, too.

Special attantion is paid to the sound: the artistic, individual intonation adapted to the room occupies a particularly wide space and makes the Eule organs full of character and extraordinary.