Tradition since 1872

Hermann Eule Organ Building

The preservation of the spirit of the Saxon Silbermann school combined with the latest artistic and technical knowledge is characteristic of our organ building workshop.

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The current situation affects us all. We as a craftman company notice the changes significantly and get over and over into the situation where we have to explain ourselves.

That´s why we ask you to please take a moment and read our short open lettre „That´s the current status.“ and perhaps some questions can already be answered.

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The company Hermann Eule builds organs for 150 years, – planty of time to bundle the time to see, how present has grown out of past.

Since organs are mighty, and know Johann Sebstatian Bach and Mozart, too, and since there are many of them with the signum H. Eule, and fill cathedrals with its sound, and are able to touch something that is in the human being hidden as a soul, – so that’s why they push out and want them to be the story.

But who thought about them? Who carved them out of wood? Who cast the tin? Who joined them together and gave them their soul? They are a miraculous instrument – built from organ builders.


Jurij Brêzan

Organ Building

The Queen of the Instruments

Our organ buildings start from the traditional slider chests with mechanical tracker actions perfected over centuries and combine them according to individual planning and adjustment with proven techniques of historical organs. Wind systems for different types of bellows come to use.


Perspectives for Historical Organs

The work with valuable historical organs has a long tradition at Hermann Eule-Orgelbau. Saxony and East Germany provide a rich inventory of historical organs with a large field of experience and activity.


How we build organs

The instruments from our workshop are built in our own house from very well trained employees. In Hermann Eule organ building almost every single component is built from our own hands.

The metal pipe building who are melting down the tin and lead bars to the required alloys and the wood working who cut the long dried boards to size are to start. Reed pipes in historical construction are manufactured for the reconstruction of historical dispositions as well as for new organ builds.

Short paths of mechanics, direct and easy playability, good accessibility and simple constructions are important criterias for an organ construction, which are hand made or executed with CAD. Organ cases are build from our own master carpenter and organ builders since the expansion of our workshop in 1991.