Workshop – how we build our organs

The instruments from our workshop are built by experienced workers who have been extensively trained in-house. For as long as anyone can remember almost all the parts used at Hermann Eule Orgelbau have been manufactured by the company itself.

Thus the construction of the metal pipes is begun by melting tin and lead bars to the required composition and the woodwork is begun by cutting boards which have been stored and dried for many years. Reed pipes constructed in a historical style are produced by us for the reconstruction of historical instruments as well as for new constructions. 

Short mechanical paths, direct and light playing feel, good accessibility and a simple construction are all important criteria in organ construction, which is carried out by hand as well as using CAD. The organ housings have been built by master cabinet makers and organ builders themselves since the expansion of our workshop in 1991.

The internal and external design of our organs reinterprets historical constructions and stands in close relation to them.

We strive to remain true to historical development of the high qualitative demands of Saxon organ building now and in the future and to make a specifically Saxon contribution of the highest quality to modern organ building.